About FCHS

Why First Coast is the best?

First Coast Hurricane Shutters is the premier shutter company for homeowners and business owners in the greater Jacksonville area. Our laser focus on storm protection allows us to be the experts in the field. Not only will FCHS provide you with durable and quality hurricane shutters but we will satisfy you with our exceptional service. Contact us now to safeguard your property – We provide free estimates!

Importance of Shutters in Jacksonville

One of the biggest pros to living in Florida is the beautiful weather. We are extremely fortunate to enjoy the beach/water in the heart of “winter”. However with pros there are cons. Florida is the most vulnerable state in the U.S. for hurricanes.

Jacksonville has been very fortunate to avoid major damage, however over time storms have continued to increase in size it’s surely a matter of time before devastation hits the First Coast. Building codes in the southern part of Florida already requires newly built homes to have hurricane shutters, and we believe it’s only a matter of time before we see a requirement across the state.

Being ready and well equipped with hurricane shutter installation if you live in Jacksonville will help keep you and your family safe and secure during the storms. On top of that it can save you from spending money on house repairs and the huge expenses that storm damage to your property. For Florida residents, hurricane protection in Jacksonville FL is no joke.

What are Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Shutters are designed to prevent impact damage to the exterior openings (Windows & Doors) of your property. Hurricane Shutters are the best way to protect your household or commercial building from being damaged from strong wind or rain during a storm. They can help prevent damage to glass windows in the course of the storm but most importantly they keep wind from getting into openings in your property. This is critical as wind can cause air pressure to increase and eventually blow the roof off of your building. Unfortunately, this type of damage is extraordinarily common as it only takes one busted window for air pressure to rise. Hurricane Shutters are the first step for a homeowner or business person looking to protecting their property during a storm.