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First Coast Hurricane Shutters is the premier shutter company for homeowners and business owners in the greater Jacksonville area. Founded by North Florida natives, we are on a mission to bring the best storm protection to the areas we love and call home. Plus, our laser focus on storm protection allows us to be the foremost experts in the field. 

Shutter Installation

The two most important components to review when considering a construction project are materials and labor.

Materials are straightforward. There are industry standards, and any contractor should be able to meet these. You can even purchase some of these products online and in stores. As a specialist in hurricane protection, we only use the best materials available and refuse to make any sacrifices in product quality.

Labor can be difficult. It has always been a challenge to find people that work hard and take pride in their work. Most construction crewmen are paid hourly. Meaning they have the stress of “getting enough hours” each week to pay their bills and support their families.

Our Earned Day System allows our installers to earn up to 8 weeks of paid time off (PTO) per year. PTO is earned when projects are completed on time to the satisfaction of our customers. If there is ever an issue upon job completion our crews will have to come and correct any errors on a day, they would otherwise have earned off. Our crews have the peace of mind that they will have a stable paycheck each week, and the time away from work allows our crews time to enjoy with friends and family or tend to other tasks. Our goal of this is to decrease stress and boosts positive mental health of our crew. It helps to make them “Better People.”

Because of this model, it is extremely rare we have issues with our workmanship. Minor touch up work and details are rarely missed because of this structure.  Resulting in “Better Projects.”

Contact us today to learn more about how our payroll, PTO and consulting service  can help solve your labor issues. We can help your team implement our system. Call us to consult with your team – 904 274 6620 –