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Hurricane Zeta

Hurricane Zeta Hits The Gulf Coast

Well, as if 2020 wasn’t crazy enough, we are on pace to set a new record for the  number of storms formed in the Atlantic in one season. The current record was set in 2005 when there were 28 storms. Hurricane Zeta just became the 27th named storm of the 2020 season. Putting us on pace to beat the 2005 record.

Hurricanes form when moist air over water starts to rise. Which makes the Atlantic a breeding ground for hurricanes, as the waters there are warmer now than they have ever been. They are roughly 3 degrees above their long term average this year. Which may not sound like a lot, but when you have that much water it can make a huge difference

Hurricane Zeta made landfall as a Category 2 Hurricane, which is strong for it being so late in the season. Along with it comes massive rainfall and wind speeds between 96 and 110 mph. There are already over 350,000 people without electricity as power lines have been destroyed. The high winds have also led to roofs being ripped off and windows being damaged, according to local news reports. Although the full extent of the damage cannot be completely known yet.

Originally, it seemed as though Hurricane Zeta was going to hit Mexico. But in typical hurricane fashion it moved its course and made landfall in Louisiana, the 5th named storm of the year to hit them. Which goes to show that those of us surrounded by the Atlantic need to be ready for anything.

First Coast Hurricane Shutters

We all know that we can’t trust the weather, it is ever changing and unpredictable. One day it looks like a hurricane will stay away from you and then 2 days later it ends up shifting and heading directly for you. We cannot wait until the last minute to be prepared. Hurricanes are one of the most intense storm systems in our world and they can cause massive damage to your home and person.

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