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Frequently Asked Questions​

Hurricane shutters are designed to prevent impact damage to the exterior openings (windows and doors) of your property. They can help prevent damage to glass windows during the course of the storm, but more importantly they keep wind from getting into the building. Wind can cause air pressure to increase and eventually blow the roof off of your building. Unfortunately, this type of damage is extraordinarily common as it only takes one broken window for air pressure to rise. Hurricane shutters are a critical step for a homeowner or businessperson looking to protect their property during a storm.

The beachside or coastal side of your home is going to naturally be the most vulnerable area of your home. However during a storm situation mini tornadoes are extremely common. It only takes an impact/issue with a single opening for internal pressurization to occur. For this reason “Full envelope” protection is recommended as best practices. 

It depends.  Manufacturing for each product varies. You could be looking at 10 weeks for manufacturing alone. Product/time of the year and current workload are major factors. 

Now! Lead times for projects can be more than 12 weeks. Do you live in Florida? Consider hurricane shutters today. Shutters provide peace of mind in the most stressful times. Be proactive! 

It depends! Every situation/property is unique. We can help you evaluate your options. Factors include: age of the property owner, budget, elevation, aesthetic preference. We evaluate every project individually.

Yes! Their are numerous reasons to protect your home with hurricane shutters. From insurance credits to risk management. Protect your family/assets. Don’t rely on insurance alone after a storm situation. You don’t have to look hard to find post storm nightmare stories. If it’s not your insurance carrier giving you a hard time it’s difficulty finding reputable contractors. Hurricane shutters provide peace of mind in the most stressful times. Be proactive!