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Bahama hurricane shutters outclass traditional shutter types in a few different ways. Here are some benefits of this shutter type to consider.

Bahama Hurricane Shutters

If you’re looking for a blend of home security and protection from storms, Bahama hurricane shutters are an option that have been around for quite some time on the islands, and have been gaining traction here in the United States- particularly in the southern states. The Bahama design offers a wide range of benefits that other shutter types don’t; we’ll go over a few of these in this article.

Quick and Easy Window Protection

Bahama hurricane shutters are attached above the window, set on a thick gaged hinge, firmly attached to the house (we make sure the units are anchored into your substrate so they are structural) This differs from Folding or Colonial style shutters, that are mounted on either side of the window.

To cover and protect your window, you simply close the shutter over the window, lock it from the inside, and you’re all set. What takes hours of work prepping windows for a storm via plywood, takes minutes to button down the whole house with Bahama style hurricane shutters.

You can get Bahama shutters made out of either wood, aluminum, or vinyl. Of the three material types, powder coated aluminum would be the strongest, followed by wood, with vinyl being rated the weakest of the three.


The nature of these shutters makes these a great option to keep your home and belongings safe from other dangers outside of storms. A good, strong Bahama shutter will completely close off all access to your windows from the outside.

This means that if one were to try to break in, they’d have an extra layer of defense to contend with than homes with other shutter types (particularly fake shutters). Someone interested in breaking into a home would be less likely to bother with a home that requires a bunch of time, effort, and energy, just to be able to take a peek inside.

This makes the Bahama hurricane shutter style perfect for homes, summer homes, cottages, and camps.

Protection from the Hot Sun

Protection from the sun is also a benefit that comes with this type of shutter, that isn’t possible with other types. You can angle your shutter to align with your field of vision, so that you’re looking straight through the louvers, to see outdoors without a hindrance. At the same time, the louvers are blocking the sun from beaming directly into the window.

When it comes to securing your home from invaders, or hunkering down during a storm, Bahama hurricane shutters should be a consideration, when in the market to invest into your home.

We didn’t even mention the #1 reason most of our clients purchase Bahama Shutters.

Curb Appeal!