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Choosing Between Hurricane Screens and Fabric Shutters

Protecting Your Home Against a Hurricane

Hurricane Shutters come in many different shapes, forms, and designs. They all offer different levels of protection when it comes to hurricanes and everyday safety. Hurricane Screens and Fabric Shutters may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Hurricane Shutters. But they both offer some simple yet elegant safety features. 

Fabric Shutters Can Do The Job 

Fabric Anchor Hurricane Shutters

Fabric may not sound like something that can help protect your home. But some basic hurricane damage can be avoided with something as simple as a Fabric Shutter. When a hurricane comes through small items like tree limbs, yard ornaments, exterior housing pieces, and garbage cans are some of the first casualties. These items often become projectiles that can easily damage windows and doors. Fabric shutters offer a non-labor-intensive option to protect your home. They work through a clip system that fastens a hurricane strength protection fabric over your doors and windows. They can be easily removed and cleaned so you can have your regular home in normal times but still be protected in the event of a threat. Fabric Shutters are also available in a variety of color options, including transparent and translucent. 

High Impact Hurricane Screens

Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Screens are not your average window screen. While they do allow light breezes to flow through like a regular screen. They are made from high-quality stainless steel that meets the large missile impact test for a category 5 hurricane. Due to their strength, you are not only protected from flying debris but you also become a difficult target for any kind of burglary. Not only are these Hurricane Screens top of the line strong, but they are aesthetically pleasing even on a regular day. 

Which One to Choose…

Hurricane Screens undoubtedly offer better security than Fabric Shutters. But both have their advantages. Fabric Shutters are a cheaper, more efficient option, and having some protection is better than no protection at all. While Hurricane Screens do offer better protection they are a bit more involved than Fabric Shutters and they cannot be easily removed on a regular basis, they become a full-time feature of your home. If you are opting for convenience you are better off with Fabric Shutters but if you want better protection go with Hurricane Screens. Whichever option you choose, we can help install it! Contact us today for a free estimate!