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Don’t Be A Statistic – Protect Your Property With Hurricane Shutters

AccuWeather estimates that there is approximately $22 billion worth of damage in 2019 in the United States caused by named storms. There is another $5 billion worth of damages in the Bahamas. When a storm breaks through your protection, there is nothing left to stop it from destroying everything else you own. Storms don’t care who you are or what you do, they destroy anything and everything that gets in their path.

Hurricane Season

Living in Florida and South Georgia allows us to have fantastic weather compared to other parts of the US (looking at you, states with snow). However, this great weather comes with a price and that price is hurricane season.

The hurricane season ranges from June 1 – November 30. Florida being a peninsula also means that we are right in the path of any storm that wants to hit the US. Even when a hurricane decides to go to Texas or Louisiana the odds are some amount of wind and rain is going to hit Florida.

Even if a hurricane isn’t hitting Florida, the aforementioned wind and rain can do just as much damage. If rain starts to get into your house it is only a matter of time before major damage occurs.

Hurricane Shutters & Preparation

If you have experienced a hurricane in Florida then you know the unique experience that it can bring. There is some a mount of panic and worry in everyones minds because we have seen what a storm can do. What you see the week or so leading up to the storm is a frenzy of people trying to buy supplies and prepare their home for what could happen. Grocery store shelves become bare, water becomes almost a currency of its own, and wood slats start to cover windows and doors. But preparing a week before the storm is much too late. Prepare early and be ready should things take a turn for the worst.

Hurricane Shutters are the perfect choice for those people that want to be prepared at all times and avoid the stress of last second preparations. Sure, you might still need to make a grocery store run for some food. But you can rest easy knowing that all of your property is protected behind closed shutters. All you have to do is close them over your windows and *poof*, guaranteed protection.

First Coast Hurricane Shutters provides a full range of hurricane shutters. From Bahama Shutters to Security Shutters to Rolling Shutters and everything in-between.

We believe in the motto; “Better People. Better Projects.” We only use the best materials and only hire people who have a true passion for their projects. Because we know how important it is to keep your home safe.

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