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First Coast Hurricane Shutters: Our People Make The Difference

Why Choose First Coast Hurricane Shutters?

Putting hurricane shutters on your house is a smart decision. They not only help keep your property safe, but they could end up saving your life. The last thing you want to deal with in the middle of a storm is debris breaking through your house. While some companies out there do what they can to get the job done quickly so they can move onto the next one. you won’t find that at First Coast Hurricane Shutters.

The People Installing Your Hurricane Shutters

When it comes down to it, the people installing your hurricane shutters are the most important factor. You could hire the biggest, most reputable company. But if they do not manage their workers correctly or if they send out the wrong person to do the job, it could end up done badly. Regardless of how “big” of a company you hired, it is all dependent on the person on the front line doing their job correctly.

First Coast Hurricane Shutters has Better People than other companies on the market. How are our people “better”? Well, all of our employees are paid a competitive wage so that we can compete with other companies. But all of our employees work a 4 day work week. This is crucial for making sure that our employees do not feel rushed through their jobs, especially when they sometimes have to work from dangerous heights or locations. Having this extra day means no rushing through the project they are on to get to the next one.

Better Projects By First Coast Hurricane Shutters

First Coast Hurricane Shutters takes pride in knowing we get every job done down to the very last detail. Having Fridays off allows us to have an “Accountability Day” with every project that we do. While also making sure that we have the extra time should your space need it. Having this detail focused day makes sure that you can trust us to cover every single aspect of the installation. While also making sure you can rest easy knowing that no details were missed and extra care was given to make sure of that fact.

We understand the importance of doing this job and we do not take it lightly.

A Look Behind First Coast Hurricane Shutters

Good business practices start from the top and come all the way down to the employees. First Coast Hurricane Shutters was founded by Brent Durban. He is a Jacksonville Native (so he understands the area as good or better than anyone else). His knowledge of both insurance and how to protect your home allow him to fully analyze your risks and how First Coast Hurricane Shutters can help you. The President, Jeff Neff and the Director of Construction, Tim Ryczek come with 18 and 20 years respectively working in the industry. Jeff is an Army veteran so he knows the value of hard work and getting the job done. Tim is a Certified General Contractor which is a great accomplishment in itself. But this also means that he is highly qualified to do any project that comes his way.

If having better people, competitive prices, and high quality products isn’t enough for you. First Coast Hurricane Shutters is also licensed and insured, screened & approved by Home Advisor, and mentioned on Angies List.

First Coast Hurricane Shutters, a team you can trust.