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Hurricane Shutters in Florida

Hurricane Shutters in Florida

It would be foolhardy to live without hurricane shutters in Florida. Besides, having your home equipped with hurricane shutters is a code standard in many southern parts of the state, and it stands to reason, it’ll be the standard statewide one day. Try doing a Google search to find hope for the decrease of hurricanes, tornados, or other destructive weather events. You’ll not find any that’ll give any hope of a decrease in this activity, but rather, an increase.

Not just an increase in frequency, but also an increase in severity. Experts are saying that the heavy hitters like Katrina and Harvey won’t be nearly as scarce as they’ve been in the past, but will become more and more frequent.

Internal Pressurization

A broken window is often the first domino to fall as it relates to a house dealing with hurricane force winds. According to Leslie Chapman-Henderson, CEO of the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, the hurricane force winds that flood through a broken window creates the basis of what is called internal pressurization (

As the winds steadily blow in, the pressure builds up, until it finds the easiest escape route. Often that escape route comes by way of destruction. Everything from blasted out windows to entire roofs popping off of houses, have been traced back to internal pressurization, that all began from a breach of pressure through a window or door.

Is it any wonder why it’s so important to keep your windows safe and protected from the elements and debris?

Extra Benefits of having Hurricane Shutters

There are two things that someone should think about as it relates to deciding to having real, working, and secure hurricane shutters installed.

  • Decreased Insurance Premiums
  • Higher Selling Value

Hurricane shutters not only provide much needed protection during tornados, tropical storms, and hurricanes, but they also make things a little easier on the wallet. In most parts of Florida, equipping your home with hurricane shutters can peel around 8%-10% off of your insurance premiums.

Also, having your home on the ready with hurricane shutters can have a positive impact on your home’s resale value. People who are aware that they’re looking for a home in a hurricane prone area, will take more stock in a house that’s ready to deal with one.