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Hurricane Shutters Keep Your Business Safe

As a business owner keeping your products and employees safe is one of the most important things you can do. Protecting your business from a storm is one thing, but hurricane shutters can help in more ways than one. Hurricane Shutters can make sure that nothing can enter your business anytime of the year, whether that be burglars or natural forces.

Aesthetic Shutter Options

Don’t let their appearance fool you, aesthetic impact shutters still offer plenty of protection. But they are more appealing to look at than your classic security shutters. These shutters come in a couple of different styles, Bahama Shutters and Colonial Shutters.

Bahama Shutters are the perfect choice for businesses going for the beach look. They have been used for years in beach communities, which means they have been put to the test against hurricanes ever since people started living on the coast. They offer a timeless look as well as great protection. You can get them in a variety of colors so that you can match them up perfectly with the look of your company. Not only that but they also offer adjustable interior louvers so you can open and close them as needed. Allowing your business to get sunlight when the weather is nice, but also allowing you to close them when business is done for the day or the weather gets bad.

Colonial Shutters offer a rustic, classic design for your business. Perfect for businesses based in the suburbs or a business run out of your home. Colonial Shutters come in the widest variety of color options so you can be sure to match them to your home or business with ease. Hurricane Shutters may sound like a hassle, but they are actually very easy to use. They fold in on hinges and lock in place so they can be opened and closed in a matter of seconds. Perfect for people who want full sunlight during the day but added security at night when your business is closed or if you just need some privacy.

Security Shutters

Security Shutters come in a couple of varieties, Roll-down Shutters and Accordion Shutters. Both options are top of the line when it comes to safety and protection.

Roll-down Shutters may sound like they would be bulky and unappealing but they have a low-profile installation that helps them fit in with any window or door. You won’t even know they are there unless they are deployed. Roll-down Shutters offer a full metal wall to keep your business and products safe. Keeping your business safe from any flying debris during hurricanes. But they won’t stop there, if any burglar even looked at your roll-down shutters they would know there is no chance of messing with your business. If roll-down shutters can stop hurricane, they can definitely stop a human.

Accordion Shutters offer great protection at a lower cost than roll-down shutters, they may not have all the bells and whistles of roll-down shutters, but accordion shutters still get the job done. Metal panels come out from the sides of your windows and doors and lock in place to make sure nothing can get through. They even have interior locks for second stories so you don’t need to use a ladder to close them. Great protection, good cost, and convenient, you can’t ask for much more from your security shutters.