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Insurance Bill – Potentially Harmful for Consumers

The 105-page bill includes steps to try to curb lawsuits against insurers, move policies out of Citizens and help provide critical reinsurance to insurers. Among other things, it eliminates “one-way attorney fees,” which have required insurers to pay the attorney fees of policyholders who successfully file lawsuits. The objective is to minimize excess attorney fees & unnecessary expenses in any claim suit. 

Our concern is that this will create inequity in the system. Insurance companies are for profit entities and claims are being handled by adjusters who could be compensated & encouraged to undervalue your damages. Without attorney fee supplementation only those who can afford the fees will be able to find help with their claims. The insurance lobbyists just won a major victory over policyholders in our state. 

Here’s to hoping this helps reduce overall insurance costs as it was designed for!

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Be proactive and protect your property. 
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