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Decorative Shutters

Taking a Good Look at Decorative Shutters

Decorative Shutters come in a few different options; Bahama Shutters, Colonial Shutters, and Lifestyle Screens. They all have their own unique look and it ultimately comes down to what style fits your home the best. But we will also want to consider what will be more convenient for your everyday use.

Bahama Shutters, The Tropical Look

Bahama Shutters are one of the best all-around Decorative Shutters. They not only look great but they are also highly functional. They have a more tropical look to them which helps boost the curb appeal and is also an easy style to blend with many different home designs. If this is your style of choice you will also have an abundance of color options to choose from, so you won’t have any limits when it comes to matching your home.

Bahama Shutters are also a highly efficient option when it comes to everyday use. They can be easily opened and closed to change the sun exposure and enhance the protection when needed. Allowing you to change them on a daily basis, so you can allow sunlight in during the day and then close them for additional privacy at night or while away from the home. Plus, they have a storied history of standing up to hurricane damage, so you know you will be safe during a storm.

Colonial Shutters, The Rustic Look

Colonial Shutters offer a classic look with classic strength. They are reminiscent of when people would board up their windows with wood, but Colonial Shutters actually look good and enhance the curb appeal of your home. Colonial Shutters easily open and close over your windows, there is one panel on each side of the window that folds together and is secure at a moment’s notice. Allowing you to always be ready in case of bad weather, but also being convenient for daily use.

Colonial Shutters are offered in Board and Batten as well as Louvered styles. This allows for easy matching to any home that wants a classic, rustic look. Perfect for a cabin in the woods and those more natural suburban areas.

Lifestyle Screens, The Ultimate Screen

Lifestyle Screens offer a new degree of technology, you can opt for the motorized option that even allows for a smartphone connection. So you can change the position of your Lifestyle Screen without having to leave your seat. This can be especially important in those rainy areas where it can be bright and sunny one minute, but pouring rain the next. However, you can opt for a mechanical option where you can pull them down to the desired length. Even when they are down they are transparent to allow some sunlight through, but they block up to 95% of moisture! Perfect for those humid and windy climates.