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Hurricanes & Rapid Intensification

While meteorologists are getting better and better at projecting storms and helping us prepare for there landfall it isn’t a perfect science. Rapid intensification is a meteorological condition that occurs when a tropical cyclone intensifies dramatically in a short period of time. Typically defined as an increase of 35 MPH or more in a 24hr time span. In recent years we have seen this far more often than the past.Hurricane Michael’s windspeeds increased by over 45 MPH in the final 24hrs prior to landfall and Maria went from a Category 1 to a Category 5 in less than 18 hours.
Scientists believe as ocean water temperature continues to rise we will only see rapid intensification more in the future.This phenomenon is extremely hard for meteorologists to project. Don’t get caught unprepared! Consider our easily deployed protective systems to protect your home.
Checkout the following video for more detail: