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Real Climate Change

When climate change is being debated, most often it’s over why it’s happening, rather than whether or not it’s happening at all. Whether the involvement of mankind is kickstarting climate change, or nature has decided that it’s time to mix things up a bit, most can agree that real climate change is happening.

And if we can agree that climate change is real, we’ll also agree that some real decisions need to be made, by anyone who will be negatively impacted; mostly by an uptick in weather events. Floods in some areas that once didn’t have to worry about floods, droughts in places that normally never suffered drought.

As the people of Florida and the surrounding states know all too well, hurricanes will be (and have been), picking up in frequency and severity. It should behoove residents to make some tough decisions in the face of the days and years ahead.

Protecting your Property

If you’re living in an area that has been historically safe during storm seasons, it’s time to remove yourself from your comfort zone. Get your head in the preparedness game, because climate change is just that: change. Climate change has caused storms to continually increase in size and frequency and there is no end in site. When we’re talking change that could completely change your life, it would be wise to prepare for the worst to a certain extent, and secure a safer environment for you to weather out storms.

What you can certainly do, is protect your property. There are a host of different things you can do to ensure that when things get wild, you’re on the ready.

  • Make sure your house is fitted with working shutter systems to help keep your home’s windows safe, and insides dry.
  • Keep yard debris to a minimum at all times, so that there is less out there to either clean up afterwards, or less ammo pelting your house and vehicles.
  • Try to pick out a safe place to park your vehicles ahead of time if you don’t have a garage- a safe distance from trees.

These, along with other ideas you may have for your particular situation could greatly decrease your losses, and help you ride through a storm event.