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Rolling Shutters Offer More Than Just Protection

The main reason behind buying any form of storm shutter is to protect your property during a storm. That can be achieved with most types of basic shutters. But for those looking for additional benefits like privacy, security, insulation, and noise/light reduction the best option is rolling shutters.

 What Are Rolling Shutters?

Rolling shutters are custom fit for every window. They are designed to be mounted on the exterior wall or even built right into the wall if you have a new construction home. Rolling shutters have a track that goes down alongside the window, making sure that the shutters cover every portion of the window. But this also helps to make sure the shutters stay in place, keeping them more secure and therefore keeping your property safer.

 Think of them like this… whenever you hear about an area going into “lockdown” in a movie it cuts to a scene where all the doors and windows are being covered to make sure the area is secure. Essentially, those are all rolling shutters!

 Reasons For Buying Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters are going to be one of the most expensive option available on the market. But with a higher cost comes added benefits.

Enhanced privacy and security are two of the biggest advantages rolling shutters can offer. Since these shutters cover the entire window at the seams and are locked into place there is very little chance of anyone being able to break into them. Compared to more basic wood shutters, rolling shutters look like a vault under lock and key. Once these shutters are shut there is no looking into them, moving them, or getting through them.

Insulation is another advantage to consider when purchasing rolling shutters. In Florida we are constantly running our AC and that usually leads to higher electric bills. Even if you have energy efficient windows (which is not the case for everyone) the addition of rolling shutters can help to prevent air from leaking outside. Being completely closed along the seams of your window ensures that your cool air is being kept right where you want it, inside.

Rolling shutters help with noise/light reduction which can help get you the peace and quiet we all so desperately need at times. Sleeping late on the weekend? Leave the shutters rolled down and you won’t even notice when the sun comes up because there are no cracks or blinds to mess with or allow light to come through. Just like light, these same features help to reduce surrounding noises as well.

Rolling Shutters are by far the best option that you can choose to protect both your home and yourself from both security and storm threats.