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Storm Shutters in Jacksonville, FL

Storm Shutters in Jacksonville, FL

With the added home value, along with the protection provided, and the homeowner’s insurance rate reductions, there’s no good reason to not have storm shutters in Jacksonville, Florida.

Jacksonville is in the Crosshairs

We get hit with a major hurricane or a strong tropical storm no less than once every 2.5 years. Just in 2019, Dorian came through and gave us a stern reminder that anything’s possible when it comes to the weather. But hurricanes and tropical storms aren’t the ends of our worries. We’re prone to get tornados as well, sometimes both at the same time!

Real Storm Shutters

Having your home equipped with real storm shutters can make an enormous difference in the overall weathering of your home through a storm. There are plenty of areas in your home that you can’t do anything about. Your roof for example. It’ll either make it or it won’t in a storm with powerful sustained winds, and there’s little you can do to prevent that, especially if you’ve been diligent to make sure that it was up to the task.

But it’s well inside your control to make sure that the weather stays outdoors as far as your windows go. If your home is decorated with cheap, plastic, screwed to the wall shutters, you’re either in for a heap of work or a heap of trouble.

The work being everything involved with boarding up the windows, the trouble being if you don’t. That’s about it. Fake shutters don’t shut, they are just decorations that you won’t think about until you’re removing them to make way for plywood.

Plus, what about storms that come without a few days’ notice? What about storms that harbor tornados? How much time will you have to board up the windows then?

Real storm shutters save you all kinds of headaches in preparation for an incoming storm and allow you to concentrate on the things that you wouldn’t otherwise have time for. Or, they can be a quick solution if there’s news of tornados touching down. It only takes a few minutes depending on how many windows you have, to run around and close them up.

Don’t let flying debris cause for you to become a statistic in a future insurance adjuster’s report, and make the wise investment, to have real working storm shutters installed to protect your home.