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The Damage Hurricanes Can Do

We are all familiar with some of the massive damage hurricanes can cause when they
hit a city. They rip up power lines, flood the streets, and hurl debris through the air. But
there is always a cause to the damage and a hurricane is an all encompassing word for
the wind and rain that are the real culprits behind the devastation.

Wind Damage

The high wind speeds the storm brings are probably the most frightening aspect of a
hurricane. Sure, wind is fun on a nice day or if you want to stand in one of those wind
tunnel machines. But when we start getting into wind speeds of over 100 mph it starts to
be less fun and more scary. Mainly due to the devastation that occurs alongside with it.
But the wind itself is not the biggest concern.
Strong structures can handle high wind speeds and won’t be blown over by some
gusting. But the problem is that we live in a world filled with debris. Trash cans, lawn
ornaments, kids toys, and even your gutters can become flying debris in a matter of
seconds during a hurricane. Combine that with high wind speeds and you have a
projectile that can not only take your life, but cause major damage to your home should
it be in the path of the hurricane.
Your doors and windows are the weakest points of your home and are not meant to
withstand the massive force of a hurricane. That’s where hurricane shutters come into
play. Hurricane shutters are built to withstand debris flying through the air and help you
ensure the protection of the weakest points of your home. Not only do they offer
protection but they are easy to use and make your home look better.

Water Damage

If wind was the only factor during a hurricane then you might not have to be worried as
long as you have a strong house to stay in with hurricane shutters! But when you combine wind and water you
get a deadly combination. The wind and debris are what opens the door (or window) for
rain to get into places that you don’t want it. A hole through your glass window might not
be the worst thing in the world, but when it is followed up by a torrential downpour of
rain, we have a problem. Once rain starts to get into your house the damage can
increase quickly. Water will ruin your floors, walls, roof, and all your possessions if it is
given the chance.

Don’t give any water the chance to come into your home, invest in hurricane shutters.
Hurricane shutters help seal off the weak points of your home to minimize water damage so even in the worst downpours you know that you are protected. While not water “proof” shutters can significantly prevent water intrusion.