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Time to prepare for the storm

When hurricane season hits there are a checklist of things that you should complete in order to be prepared should the worst occur. Some things can be left until the threat is more imminent but there are some things that should be accomplished well before hurricane season.

Things That Can Wait

There are some basic day-to-day needs and situations that don’t need too much time to prepare should a hurricane be on the horizon. Personal Supplies are crucial to have because stores will most likely be closed for a few days during a bad storm. Ample amounts of toilet paper, hand sanitizer (should the water go out), baby wipes, and any required medications. Perishables & Food should always be considered as a storm gets closer. You should eat all perishables and frozen goods in the days leading up to the storm so that they do not go bad if the power stops working. You should rely mostly on can and dried goods during a storm. It is good to keep a small amount of these items on hand at all times. But if a storm looks more threatening you will want to plan for at a minimum 3 days of food. Also, a gas burning camp stove can be helpful to boil water to prep items like rice, noodles, and beans.

Don’t Wait: Hurricane Shutters & More

The items that offer your home real protection and advantages during a storm also require a bit more preparation for accomplish. Hurricane Shutters offer top of the line protection from not only hurricanes but bad weather during any season. They affix over doors and windows which are the weakest points of your homes. Ensuring that water and flying debris will not do any major damage. Orders placed with First Coast Hurricane Shutters in March will be done by the time hurricane season rolls around. Generators are easy to buy in normal times but during hurricane season they can often be out of stock. Plus, if you want a nice one it can easily cost you $1000 or more. Which wouldn’t include wiring it into your house to run some of the main appliances. Tree Trimming can be a very good idea, the less debris the storm has to throw around, the better. Any major limbs should be dealt with well before hurricane season to ensure there is enough time to get the job done. While basic maintenance and pruning should be done regularly.