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What You Can Do To Prepare For The Storm

Waiting until the last minute when it comes to hurricane preparation is a risky move. It is better to know your home is prepared for the storm than to run out and prepare at the last minute. Let’s take a look at some suggestions FEMA has when it comes to hurricane preparation.

Buy Flood Insurance – This ensures that your home is covered should damage occur and you can rest easy knowing even if the worst happens you won’t have to pay out of pocket for everything.

Install Hurricane Straps – These help keep the roof fastened to your walls through high winds. They can be a bit complicated to install so you will probably need to hire a contractor for this task.

Tree & Debris Removal – Trees should be far enough away from your house that if they fall over they won’t land on it. Some trees and branches will even come down in a category 1 or 2 hurricane. A simple step that everyone should take is to remove all the items from the exterior of your home. The winds will pickup enough debris without adding more into the mix, especially items that are already so close to your home.

Reinforce Your Garage Door – Your garage door isn’t as strong as an exterior wall, yet they are often the size of one. If wind and rain get into your garage it can be just as bad as getting into the main part of your home. Not only damaging your belongings but destabilizing the other walls within the garage. To accomplish this you have to reinforce the wheel tracks and add girts along the door. These tasks take time and are best left to a professional. So you can’t wait until the last minute to get this done.

Install and Maintain Hurricane Shutters – Hurricane Shutters are designed to cover doors and windows. This is one of the best ways to protect your home as they help strengthen some of its weakest points. First Coast Hurricane Shutters will be happy to answer any questions you have about this topic.

Emergency Generator Installation – Power outages are commonplace during hurricane season. An emergency generator can help power some of the essentials in your home while you wait for power to be restored. If you plan to stick it out through the storm this can give you a major advantage.

These are just a few important steps you can take to make sure your home stays safe during a storm.