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Which hurricane shutter is right for me?

All types of hurricane shutters will offer you protection against incoming weather. Businesses tend to purchase Accordion or Rolling Shutters while residential homes usually go for the Bahama or Colonial look. Some offer enhanced security while others boost your curb appeal even if they aren’t Fort Knox.

Different Types of Hurricane Shutters

Bahama Shutters have a tropical look to them that can be a great accent to your home and help boost the curb appeal. They open outwards from your home which gives you privacy and shade inside. Bahama Shutters can also be opened and closed quickly which allows you the flexibility to change them at your will. They are hurricane-rated to help protect you from wind and debris. So they are a great mix of protection and good looks.

Accordion Shutters are very easy to open and close because they run along tracks attached to your home or business. This kind of instant security is very helpful for business owners who need to secure their shop on a daily basis. Accordion Shutters are great for residential areas as well; they fit nicely over curved openings and can even be locked from the inside if you have an operable window. Since they slide completely over any openings they also offer enhanced security.

Colonial Shutters are some of the favorites for homes and businesses trying to enhance their look. They are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, First Coast Hurricane Shutters even offers their colonial shutters in any Sherwin Williams paint code! This gives you the option to create your own custom look for your home. Not only are they great looking but they are hurricane-rated, easy operating, and maintenance-free. A great combination of style and protection.

Rolling Shutters offer top-of-the-line protection for any property. They are mounted on the wall above the opening and roll-down vertical tracks placed along the edge of the opening. Even James Bond would have to break out a gadget in order to get through your rolling shutters. The security they offer is unquestionable. But on top of that they can reduce or eliminate light and noise, provide additional insulation for your home, and some operate through a smartphone. If you want best and strongest option, look no further.

First Coast Hurricane Shutters

All of these options and more are available from First Coast Hurricane Shutters. Not only will you be getting top-of-the-line products but you also get excellent service. First Coast Hurricane Shutters believes in, “Better People. Better Projects”, offering our employees competitive wages and having them work 4 days a week. This helps to decrease stress and increase mental health which makes for a focused and productive team. But we also have an accountability day built into our system, Friday. If there is ever an issue with a project the team will be back out that day to correct it. With this methodology, minor details and touch-up work are almost never required, because who wants to work on a Friday if they have the chance not to? That’s why First Coast Hurricane Shutters gets the job done right the first time.